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Wednesday June 26, 2024
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Streaming Video & Video Email
- video says it better than email. Promote your Products & Services or just chat to your Friends, Family, Colleagues and Clients using these powerful Video Tools.

We all know what email is and what it has done for us as a communication tool. Well, how about sending Video Email? The next "big thing" to hit the Internet will be the use of Video Email and Video Streaming on mass. Change the way you communicate with your friends, family and Business Colleagues today and you will be at the forefront of tomorrow's future.

An affordable Video Email or Streaming Video Solution is now available. Zip over to Helloworld to see what you can do and check out their packages: 

With the Helloworld Video Products you can:

  • Use Video to Instant Message Friends, Family, Colleagues & Clients rather than Text
  • Send Videos to anyone with an Email Address. 
  • Create Viral Video Campaigns & mini TV Commercials promoting your Products & Services like the Carlton Draught Big Ad commercial (http://www.bigad.com.au)
  • Create & Broadcast Live Video Campaigns. All Live Video Broadscasts are automatically archived for future playback known as Video on Demand. 
  • Add Video to your eBay Listings and create trust amongst Potential Buyers
    ie. see
  • Upload your own video without the need for special equipment or software.

A number of plans are available from Helloworld, ranging from the basic Silver package starting at just $14.95 per month to the Power User Executive pack.

Similar plans offered by other companies start from $100's and stretch into the thousands per month. They also require you download players to play their streaming video. Helloworld products don't need anything special. It just works!

This is such an unbelieveable service. What you can do and what can be achieved is just amazing and is only bound by your imagination and creativity. For those of you seeking a further Business Opportunity, then this product is for you. Introduce this service to anyone you know and be rewarded. For those of you interested in an additional income stream or wanting to start a new business, visit http://www.vmdirect2.com/AU/default.aspx.

In the next few days, we will add our very own video which you can view, but for the moment here is a Video Presentation (streamed in low quality 56k) produced by a friend promoting a Fuel Additive for your car. This video was created specifically for an eBay listing. For those of you who are interested in saving money off your fuel bill, visit this



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