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Sunday July 14, 2024
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The first time I saw an advertisement for SearchEstate I passed it by because I had not heard of it before. I know that I need to take more risks sometimes, but even though the ad said it was “free to join” I had enough on my business plate.

The second time I saw an ad for SearchEstate I stopped and took another look...and then signed up for free...and then quickly upgraded as I realized the great potential this program can have for anyone marketing their businesses online.

Do you ever wonder who owns all those billboards you see alongside the highway? Whoever does, they own a vast real estate network that they can sell advertising on. The more billboards in a network, the more advertising space they can resell for cash flow.

Let me explain how Internet Billboards from SearchEstate can help you. 

First of all, what is it?  A number of things...

Click here to visit SearchEstate

1. A Major Search Engine that PAYS YOU to advertise.
SearchEstate is a world-class Internet search engine that shares its advertising revenues and ad space with its members - the banners, click-through ads and sponsored keyword search results.

We have vast numbers of websites using our search box on their pages. This interconnected network of websites is our Search Portal Community. When you advertise on the SearchEstate network, you are advertising to people going to our web site and thousands of other sites simultaneously.

Each web site hosting our search engine has their own personalized version of it, complete with logo, banner ad space and text ads. The text ads from the other members also rotate in via our ad exchange network.

As a member, YOU own part of our search engine web site - it is like owning digital real estate on a search engine, or "Search Estate".

When you own "Search Estate", you own the part of the search engine that makes you cash flow - the advertising billboards that carry sponsored ads. The earlier you JOIN, now the more digital "Search Estate" you can own. The more you have, the more you can advertise. On the net, the ability to obtain and sell advertising credits (e.g. impressions, pay-per-clicks) is like money. It is CASH FLOW.

How do I get PAID to join and advertise SearchEstate?

a. If your web site uses our search engine, we will share advertising revenue with you. The more your users use our search engine and its advertising services, the more money you will make. PRO membership only.

b. If your downline makes money, YOU can make money:
By advertising SearchEstate and sponsoring new members into our search network, you create a downline. You can make revenue from your downline from membership fees and advertising services. Better yet, if your website doesn't have much traffic, sponsor one that does! High-traffic websites will make you money AND free advertising.

c. As you sponsor others, you will get more advertising billboards to sell advertising credits on. This is FUTURE CASH FLOW that will pay you handsomely if you build a huge network of ad billboards. Why? As you earn more Ad Billboards, WE will sell the excess ad space FOR YOU. You can also sell, lease or trade your ad billboards.

2. A Perpetual Advertising System
Tired of always needing to buy leads, autoresponders, pay-per-click ads, banner ads? If you sponsor others into your SearchEstate downline, you may never have to pay for advertising again. Why? They will do the advertising for you. Our patent-pending system of viral advertising assures this. As your downline advertises, they will ADVERTISE YOU as well. This is perpetual advertising.

Our Perpetual Advertising System is designed to get you continuous, targeted web traffic for free while making you money. This is what you get:

a. You get Multiple Spaces to Advertise
When you join, you get all this free advertising:

- Free Web Site for ALL your business opportunities
(Here is what mine looks like:  Click Here!)
- Free Ad Landing Page for EACH Business Opportunity
- Free personalized Search Portal with your own advertising space
- Free Keyword Text Ads
- Free Ad Billboard that roams our search network
- Free Email Search Signature
- Free Search Box

b. You get Advertising Services that do the work FOR YOU

Advertising Cooperative
Our Ad Coop is second to NONE. We will sponsor members for you to prove it. We purchase high quality leads, pay-per-click ads, banner ads and do the advertising campaigns ourselves. When people sign up for searchEstate, we rotate the new members under you. The Ad Co-op is used ONLY to advertise SearchEstate and get member sign-ups.

Auto-pilot Advertising Campaigns
Our Advertising Campaigns for your business opportunities run on Auto-pilot. All you do is tell us which business opportunity you want advertised and we will blast out thousands of emails and drive traffic right to your SearchEstate website page!

c. Once you sponsor members, you get the SearchEstate Perpetual Advertising Machine kicking in.

Once you advertise SearchEstate and sponsor members, then your perpetual advertising machine is in place. Your sponsored members are your fuel. Everytime the advertise, you will get advertised. You also have ad billboards that gets exposure in our search engine network. These are PERMANENT. The more you have, the more perpetual advertising you get.

3. An Income Opportunity
We are also a business opportunity - a future-proof way to earn multiple streams of income working from home. Our product is very easy to sell: Free Advertising. You can make millions giving away free advertising with SearchEstate.  Or you can sell your billboard space to advertise for others!

4. A Members-Only Search Engine & Ad Exchange Network
Our search engine is top rate and gets very relevant organic search results. As a service, your visitors will love it. However, where we differ from the other search engines is in our sponsored text ads. Only our members get the sponsored text ads.

- only the members get sponsored text ads and keyword ads

- this is key: when we open up our sponsored ad spots to the public using pay-per-click, guess who gets paid? The member who own those sponsored ad positions.

- text ads from all members show up in the search engine via our ad exchange network. These are NON-keyword related.

5. A great way to advertise ALL your Business Opportunities
SearchEstate is a totally new way to advertise. Even if you don't have a website, you can use our system to advertise opportunities, products and services easily. No prior web marketing expertise is needed.

6. An Advertising Co-operative
SearchEstate is also a full service, end-to-end Advertising Co-operative, where we do ALL the work to sponsor members underneath you. Just set up your SearchEstate advertising platform and for a limited time, we will BUILD YOUR DOWNLINE FOR YOU.

7. An Auto-pilot Advertising Service
For one low fee, you can advertise any one or all of your business opportunities through us. Our Advertising Service is like putting your advertising on Auto-pilot - we do everything. From buying the leads, setting up the autoresponder, sending the emails, capture pages and opt-in signups.

So how does SearchEstate benefit me?   To sum it up:
- it is free targeted web traffic
- an incredible income opportunity.
- my own advertising network

This was simply too good to pass up. Even if you are not sure about it, it is worth checking it out and using it for free. You miss out on some of the benefits of paid membership, but you will still receive some free traffic. This is truly a unique way of packaging an advertising campaign that is easy to use and will have an incredible viral effect.

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